Thinc Schools

Work West thinc schools programme



Work West Thinc Schools is an 8 week programme for primary and post-primary aged pupils, underpinned by creative practice and design thinking theory.  Teacher training forms part of the programme to enable educators to enhance and compliment the school curriculum. Young people taking part develop valuable life skills through creativity.  Students are encouraged to get curious and look at challenges from new perspectives



Workshops are structured using exercises, challenges and games which stimulate imagination, critical thinking and team building and create a safe space for self-reflection. Students work through creative problem-solving processes, providing them with the tools to become more confident and thoughtful decision makers.

Making it


'All thinking is routed in the hand' (Heidegger).

The Work West Thinc Schools programme uses prototyping as part of the creative process to encourage new perspectives and thought processes and to allow for constructive feedback for ideas.